Get to know the Slow Food Interns!


OK, we admit it…we get REALLY excited about food!! Lucky for us, Madison has been experiencing a food renaissance in the last several years! The food culture here is vast and sophisticated, and our SlowFood UW team loves experiencing quality cuisine! As you can imagine, our tastes are quite varied, but we have narrowed our … [Read more…]

Slow Food UW – We are Here!


Good. Clean. Fair. These words are often overlooked because they are ubiquitous and fairly straight forward. However, I ask you to pause over them one more time. How amazing would life be if all parts of it were good, clean, and fair? The slow food movement is obviously based around a culinary nucleus, however, this … [Read more…]

Spiced Root Veggie Wraps


Ingredients: 5lbs root vegetables of any kind (we used potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots) 2 Medium yellow onions, sliced A few carrots, grated Cheddar or Gouda cheese, grated Flour Tortillas (or rice tortillas for GF option) Garlic Extra spicy chili powder Paprika Mixed greens for garnish Directions: Slice onions and garlic to your desired size. … [Read more…]

South Madison Halloween Party


South Madison Halloween Party at Penn Park was on Saturday, Oct. 25. It was sponsored by Bram’s Addition Neighborhood Association, South Metropolitan Planning Council, South Madison Farmer’s Market, Penn Park partners, and Slow Food UW. About 30 kids showed up to carve pumpkins, decorate cookies, go pumpkin bowling, and to have some snacks with the … [Read more…]